Cities, in many ways, are the greatest invention that human beings have brought to the world.

Geoffrey West, theoretical physicist

Making Sense of Cities

Young Urbanists has created a website for young people to help them make sense of the cities they’re living in. It’s for students, parents and teachers.

We’ve selected a range of informative and illuminating materials to deepen your understanding of the functions and ideas that make our cities,and solutions to the challenges they face.

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The Handbook will help you understand both your own city and cities across the globe. It is divided into four chapters, each focusing on a different way of thinking about cities.

Introduction examines at ten city solutions, as well as meeting the urbanists who’ve changed our thinking about what cities are and how we can (re)design them.

What Makes a City deals with the physical, social and economic functions of a city.

How to Read a City explores different ideas about cities. These ideas are expressed physically through what is often called urban form.

The Great Urbanisation looks at some of the really pressing issues of our times and how they relate to cities.

In My Backyard considers how you can become more engaged with your city.

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