Katherine Murray

Urbanist, Architect, Newshound, Storyteller

Katherine Murray is an architect, urban designer, the founder of Young Urbanists and principal of Ten City Solutions. Katherine is passionate about achieving better outcomes for cities and driving urban strategy and community engagement to reach these goals.

Hailing from Melbourne, Katherine has spent the past 20+ years living, working and studying in a range of global cities, including significant periods in Oxford, London, New York, Tokyo and Singapore.

Katherine is a registered architect, holding a BArch from RMIT University. As an urbanist she holds an MSc in Development Practice from Oxford Brookes University, is a graduate of LSE Cities ‘London and Global Cities’ program, and participated in Gehl Institute’s 2018 ‘Bay Area Public Life Masterclass’. Katherine is also a mother to four Young Urbanists herself, with two girls and two boys aged seven to fourteen.

Prior to founding Young Urbanists, Katherine’s architectural and urban design work focused on education and international development, involving complex projects in numerous cities and contexts. Katherine designed primary and secondary schools for ’21st Century Learning’ in Melbourne and New York City; reconfigured university campuses for a more student-centred public realm in California, New England and Mid-Atlantic States; she devised masterplans for large civic projects in the UK, China and Singapore, as well as creating small scale, participatory urban interventions in New Delhi and Amman.

Through Young Urbanists, her work with the Singapore City Gallery, and with local and international schools, Katherine is advancing urban education and public participation – promoting the planning and design of liveable cities, and how these cities can sustainably support creativity, enterprise, civil society and active, multi-generational communities.